Why is carpet padding a must?

Why is carpet padding a must?

When you shop for carpeting, you'll want something that's both stylish and comfortable underfoot.

That's where padding comes in. It provides extra cushioning, enhances the appearance, and provides other functional benefits.

Carpet padding is something you don't want to skimp on. Ask the flooring professionals about the best type for your rug.

Don't skimp on padding!

Not skimping provides more than cushioning and comfort; it enhances the carpet's lifespan and durability. Without padding, the rug lies directly on the bare floor.

There's nothing to protect the backing or fibers. They can fray and unravel before their time.

Please take a look at the rug beauties in our carpet store. They come from top brands like Mohawk, so you'll want to keep them looking like new.

Padding also provides temperature insulation

It also provides an extra layer of insulation. It blocks out both cold and warm air, which keeps the home warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

Every rug has an R-value, the measurement of insulation. Padding has its own; when combined with a carpet, the R-value increases.

Pennsylvania has some pretty harsh winters, so you’ll appreciate that!

Padding saves you money–in more ways than one

It will save you from costly repairs and premature replacement of your floor covering.

However, it also keeps your warranty intact. Most require padding, and if not complied with, the warranty is voided and all protections lost.

Why go anywhere else for flooring?

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