Watch these carpet trends and classics for your Chambersburg home

Watch these carpet trends and classics for your Chambersburg home

Carpeting adds elegance, warmth, and charm to your home and comes with countless benefits, such as providing energy savings and noise insulation. Please read further as we examine current favorites, as well as those timeless colors and patterns we all love, and you'll find them all at our carpet store!

Make a stunning design statement with floor covering!

Remember when broadloom (wall-to-wall) colors were mainly off-white, beige, or pale yellow? Not necessarily anymore!

While neutrals will always be popular, many homeowners use carpets to make big, bold statements. These include large hexagons, circles, and geometric and themed patterns with jewel-toned hues in the red, orange, green, or purple (violet shades) or multi-colors. This piggybacks on another trend called Maximalism, which in the design world means "Live Out Loud."

Blue gets a mention all its own because designers often prefer it to add pops of color without overwhelming a room. It's also the color of the sky and sea, reminding us of our love for nature, which is another trend.

Try layering

Not only is it one of the significant trends this year, but it's the perfect solution for those who like the idea of bright colors but are still a little hesitant. Just layer an area rug over a neutral carpet because it can add excitement without the long-term commitment. Remember, we have a custom area rug and binding department!

Planks: Not for hard surfaces only

Designers predict this will be a significant–and very long-lasting–trend. Enjoy design flexibility with carpet planks because they can be arranged in layouts to create patterns, like the herringbone. They come in assorted colors, and fibers are durable and stain-resistant. Best of all, if one gets damaged, you don't have to replace the entire floor, only the harmed planks. While you're at it, check out carpet squares.

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